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About Me


I've had a love for art for as far back as I can remember, an inner urge for creating through observing the life around me. All of this combined with a life spent living in many different places, and a love for that experience, brought me into the artistic study of life and expression which I showcase in my work.


Though I'm forever moving around, I was born and raised in Oklahoma but lived along the western gulf coast region of Mississippi for more than half of my life. At a very young age I fell in love with the nearby city of New Orleans where I further developed a love for art and culture. I attended William Carey College majoring in Fine Art studies, but I'm predominately a self-taught artist. I currently work out of my home studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


My paintings consist of mostly abstract and figurative work, generally centered around figure study and cultural themes most often by using a mixture of acrylic paint and oil pastels. I'm passionately inspired by the subtle nuances of life that so often go unnoticed or uncaptured and this is always the starting point for any line of work that I produce. I definitely dig on reflective light properties, rustic scenery, the human figure and emotional expression. In my work I try to capture and collaborate all of these elements to form abstracted compositions using a variety of color, typically warm and inviting tones to relax and cool the eye, while stimulating the senses and opening the mind. (Hopefully)


Please feel free to browse, shop, look around or share my site with anyone you might think of. And you can also follow me on Instagram!


Thanks for stopping by!

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